Breaking: NHL finally makes the right call on Tom Wilson!

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His hit on Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brian Dumoulin might have got under the radar, but on Wednesday morning it was announced that Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson will have a hearing for his check to the head of Pens forward Zach Aston-Reese.

Wilson has already been under the microscope, at least as far as the Penguins and their fans are concerned, as a result of an ugly hit he delivered to Dumoulin earlier in this series, and on Tuesday night he didn't help endear himself to Pens fans. The hit he delivered on Dumoulin was ruled a legal hit by the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety despite the fact that there was obvious contact to the head, but now the NHL will look twice at this one on the 23-year-old Penguins rookie. 

Aston-Reese was on the receiving end of a thunderous body check from the Capitals enforcer, and once again it was a hit that resulted in significant contact with the head. Much like the hit on Dumoulin you would be hard pressed to make a conclusive argument regarding whether or not Wilson intended to target the head on this play, it looked like he was lining up Aston-Reese for a textbook body check, but like the hit on Dumoulin the results of the hit were undeniable. 

A penalty was not assessed on the play.

According to an official report from the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, Aston-Reese has suffered two major injuries as a result of the hit he received, injuries that may very well keep him out for the remainder of the playoffs. The Penguins are reporting that Aston-Reese has suffered both a concussion as well as a broken jaw, which would certainly explain the blood that he left behind on the ice. Furthermore the Penguins are reporting that Aston-Reese will require surgery to repair the damage to his jaw. 

Fans and other players have also criticized Wilson for laughing at his victim following the hit... 

Wilson has been suspended twice in his career, first back in 2017 for a late hit in the preseason resulting in a two-game preseason ban, and again in that same preseason, drawing a four-game suspension to open the 2017-18 campaign for a boarding penalty.

Is a suspension on the way?