NHL GM confirms on live TV that the job of his head coach is in jeopardy

We gotta say this doesn't look good.

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It is fair to say there was not a whole lot for Ottawa Senators' fans to get excited about this year, especially after the team posted its worst record in more than 20 years. The Sens were ranked 30th in the National Hockey League, and ended the season with only 28 wins and 67 points. This is simply unacceptable for a team that was one goal away from the Stanley Cup finals, just the year before.

General manager Pierre Dorion admitted numerous times that the status quo is not acceptable. After the season ended, he said that the future of his coaching staff remains unknown, since there was a complete evaluation underway... from top to bottom. 

However, in an interview on Sportsnet during the second intermission of the game opposing the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning, Dorion said he is going to have a talk with head coach Guy Boucher very, very soon.

Here's what he told Elliotte Friedman and his colleague, according to Ottawa Sun Times' reporter and Sens' insider Bruce Garrioch:

"Pierre Dorion says he will have a conversation with coach Guy Boucher next week. He wants Boucher to explain "how he can be better moving forward.""

The news was first reported by John Shannon just a few days ago:

"While the Senators have no timeline for decision on Guy Boucher, hearing that Boucher and Dorion will meet next Monday to discuss future."

Some people on social media seem to believe Dorion should have taken a decision on Boucher already, and that it is simply disrespectful to make him wait for so long:

"How cruel to make him wait this long. Like Dave Cameron said, he felt like he was fired for three weeks."

"Dorion hanging the guy out to dry. Just fire him already. Not doing the image of a bush-league organization any good with the way he is handling this."

"Ridiculous - either he has got what Dorion is looking for or not - talk means nothing, body of work is there... Really not comfortable with Dorion in driver’s seat here."

Do you believe Boucher is still the right man to lead the Senators? In total, he has a 72-71-21 record with the Senators over the past two seasons.