Breaking: NHL GM makes shocking comments about his coach, the Internet goes wild

That was certainly unexpected.

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The Anaheim Ducks were the second team to get swept in this year's NHL playoffs, just a few days after the Vegas Golden Knights continued to prove everyone wrong by winning their series against the Los Angeles Kings 4-0. The team has struggled immensely in the first-round series against the San Jose Sharks, and fans are now hoping that some changes will take place over the next few days.

Now according to LA Times' journalist, Mike Coppinger, who talked to general manager Bob Murray earlier today, it sure looks like there won't be a coaching change in Anaheim ahead of next season:

"Bob Murray made it clear Randy Carlyle will be back for another season, but he’s also looking for changes in styles of play. Great insight from GMBM, will have a ton in a story later"

Some would say this is a pretty surprising statement, considering "Randy Carlyle" and "changes in styles of play" aren't two sentences that go well together... Here are some of the comments we could read on Twitter, shortly after Murray's announcement:

"I’m rarely negative, but my reaction to the retention of Randy Carlyle inspired immediate invectives. As a season ticket holder, the Ducks want retention of fans. Shakespeare said you cannot draw arms and speak of peace. Thus: You cannot say RC and speak of speed."

"Everyone over the summer and throughout the season make your voice heard that keeping Randy Carlyle is not acceptable from the organization. This is a joke that he will be the coach next season and status quo isn’t acceptable."

"Bringing back Randy Carlyle while simultaneously acknowledging your team needs to play a faster, more skill-based game is the definition of fitting a square peg into a round hole."

"I stand by this though ... Randy Carlyle is not the man for the job if the Ducks want to go in a different direction with how they play"

Coppinger's colleague, Helene Elliott, believes keeping RC in Anaheim is a very bad call from Murray, considering the team's recent performances:

"The Ducks' Game 3 performance vs San Jose should have been grounds for a coaching change on the spot."

She also made a parallel with the LA Kings' situation, who also got swept in the first round:

"Kings changed philosophies and coaches, now must add depth and more speed. Work to do but on right path. Ducks stubbornly sticking with coach who uses a system that no longer works and are accepting appalling lack of discipline vs. San Jose. In standing still, Ducks move backward"

Do you believe the Ducks need a coaching change? Let's not forget that Glen Gulutzan, Alain Vigneault and Bill Peters are on the market right now...