Breaking: NHL owner makes shocking comments about his fans & moving the team.

NHL owner may have just made his fans very mad.

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Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk has to be among the least popular owners in the entire National Hockey League, and on Friday night he once again showed why that is the case. 

Melnyk spoke to the media and made a series of statements that aren't likely going to sit well with his fan base, including direct criticism of that very fan base. 

According to Ottawa Senators insider Bruce Garrioch Melnyk stated that he isn't happy his team is still having issues selling tickets after they went three rounds in last season's playoffs. Melnyk also added that the organization needs more fan support. 

One way to make sure fans don't support you is to threaten to relocate the team, and while Melnyk didn't go that far he at least hinted at it. According to Sportsnet's Luke Fox when Melnyk was asked about selling he said the team would not be sold however added that moving is always an option when you own the team.

As if that wasn't enough Melnyk also stated that he doesn't understand why there is a growing disconnect between the Senators and their fan base according's Mike Zeisberger.

Perhaps Mr. Melnyk should be looking inward.