Breaking: NHL Player Safety Department rules on Kadri's beard-ripping incident

This is such a bizarre situation.

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The fight between Nazem Kadri and Joe Thornton had social media buzzing Thursday night, as the Sharks' star's beard was ripped in the bout. Some touted Kadri's night as the "Kadri hat trick" - as he scored a goal, got into a fight, and ripped a chunk of beard.

Surprisingly, this led many to question whether or not the NHL Player Safety Department would get involved in the incident. 

Would Kadri get fined, or worse - suspended? There is sufficient video evidence to rule out Kadri having done this on purpose, and according to Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman, the NHL will indeed stay away from this, as it sets a difficult precedent to follow moving forward. It's too much of a grey area to rule on, too bizarre, and frankly it's so unlikely that this was done on purpose.

The NHL needs to focus the way it cracks down on players on much more significant situations.

Review the video for yourself.