Breaking: NHL rules on ugly Giroux hit that left Letang down and bloodied

The first week of the Stanley Cup Playoffs has been like an absolute war zone!

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In case you missed it, the Philadelphia Flyers managed to tie their first round series against the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins last night with an incredible 5-1 victory. I mean… who saw that coming!? The Penguins absolutely dismantled the Flyers on Wednesday evening 7-0, to the point where many fans and analysts wondered if the Penguins had broken the Flyers already. How do you come back from a 7-0 stomping? Well… if you’re the Flyers you come back with a stomping of your own.

Flyers forward Sean Couturier had a goal and two assists and goaltender Brian Elliott made 34 saves as the Flyers evened the series. The two teams will head cross state to Philly now for Game 3 tomorrow. 

Midway through the second period of last night’s action however, Flyers captain Claude Giroux collided with Penguins defenseman Kris Letang, with Giroux’s back side making clear contact with Letang’s head. Letang would spin right around and crash down to the ice head first with his feet spinning above him. In other words: Letang got CRUNCHED. 

Check it out:

It’s tough to tell from this short clip… but does it look like Giroux intentionally lines up Letang? The two get crossed up going the same direction while facing opposite directions, so the hit looks accidental, but look at how Giroux explodes through Letang. There was a split second decision made on Giroux’s part to embrace the hit, rather than slow down and avoid the hit. What’s your call? Clean or dirty?

Giroux made sure to check in on Letang immediately following the hit, but the damage was done:

For what it’s worth, Penguins captain Sidney Crosby wasn’t happy, saying afterward, “I thought he hit him high. I’m sure the league will look at it, but I thought it was a pretty high hit.”

Well Sid, in fact the league did look at it and they determined that no supplementary discipline, fine or suspension, was warranted on the hit. Giroux will play Game Three.

No hearing equal no suspension. How do you feel about this one, Pens fans? Did Giroux and the Flyers get away with one?