Breaking: NHL scout makes shocking comments about upcoming draft!

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Every draft ahead of the National Hockey League Entry draft, a few things are expected. This year is no different with the main story already written: Rasmus Dahlin is considered to be the No. 1 prospect in the 2018 NHL Draft and the Buffalo Sabres will happily nab him first overall with the pick they managed to keep with their best odds at the lottery last month. 

"I've been watching on YouTube and, boy, it's incredible," Sabres head coach Phil Housley told The Buffalo News on Friday when chatting about Dahlin. "He's going to be a complete package in today's NHL."

When looking at the projected order for the rest of the first round, TSN and their senior scouting reporter Craig Button are pretty certain about a few things. For example, many other insiders like the one from the TSN panel, are pretty sure about the Big Four in this year’s draft — Dahlin, Russian winger Andrei Svechnikov, Czech winger Filip Zadina and American winger Brady Tkachuk — as they hold down the same spots as they did at mid-season in the mock draft. 

Just a few weeks to go before the draft itself, which will take place on June 22 in Dallas, fans would think that their favourite team is feeling confident with their picks or the players they would like to select. However, Mark Edwards, the founder and director of Scouting Service and Analyst on NHL Network Radio's Prospects show reveals some shocking news from someone seriously involved in the process. 

And it isn't good... 

On his Twitter account, Edwards shares the comments made by one NHL scout and it sounds quite worrisome for several teams. Here is what he has revealed: 

"One #NHL teams scout to me: “15 to 45 is going to be a shit show.” #NHLDraft"

That sure sounds like it will be an entertaining draft, no? Here is the lastest updated first-round order:

1. Buffalo Sabres
2. Carolina Hurricanes
3. Montreal Canadiens
4. Ottawa Senators
5. Arizona Coyotes
6. Detroit Red Wings
7. Vancouver Canucks
8. Chicago Blackhawks
9. New York Rangers
10. Edmonton Oilers
11. New York Islanders
12. New York Islanders (from Calgary Flames)
13. Dallas Stars
14. Philadelphia Flyers (from St. Louis Blues)
15. Florida Panthers
16. Colorado Avalanche
17. New Jersey Devils
18. Columbus Blue Jackets
19. Philadelphia Flyers
20. Los Angeles Kings
21. San Jose Sharks
22. Ottawa Senators (from Pittsburgh Penguins)
23. Anaheim Ducks
24. Minnesota Wild
25. Toronto Maple Leafs
26. New York Rangers (from Boston Bruins)
27. Chicago Blackhawks (from Nashville Predators)
28. Washington/Tampa Bay loser
29. St. Louis Blues (from Winnipeg Jets)
30. Stanley Cup Final loser
31. Stanley Cup champion

A shit show!