Breaking: NHL superstars threaten controversial move to piss off Bettman!

This would cause quite an uproar!

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The major controversy of the past season has been the NHL's decision to prevent players from going to the 2018 Olympics. 

Several stars have expressed their frustration, notably Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, but nothing has been done so far to show Gary Bettman the extend of their disappointment. 

However, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman is reporting that "there are rumblings several players don’t want to go to the all-star game because they’re still upset about missing the Olympics."

In his latest 31 thoughts on Sportsnet, Friedman notes that we might see a boycott at the end of the month of January from a few superstars in the game.

"I used the word “boycott” in one conversation, but one agent said that was taking it too far “at this time.” Feelings on the topic are still very raw, however. Don’t forget the NHL can suspend if a player who avoids all-star doesn’t miss a league game."

This should be interesting. Would you support players taking this step?