Breaking: One NHL executive has been arrested!

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One National Hockey League coach appears to be in hot water as a breaking news report is coming out of Buffalo. A direct source close to the situation has revealed to the Associated Press and the Ottawa Sun that Ottawa Senators assistant general manager Randy Lee is being charged with harassment. 

The harassment charges are being put into motion after an altercation that occurred during a shuttle bus ride back to his Buffalo hotel.

According to Buffalo ABC affiliate WKBW, the anonymous source has revealed that Lee is scheduled to make an appearance in a Buffalo courtroom Friday morning and is “expected to be arraigned on a violation.” There were no further details in the report.

The report given by the person who spoke on the condition of anonymity to The AP on Friday morning said that Lee was arrested Thursday night after he was being transported back to his hotel from a downtown restaurant and bar.

According to Senators insider Bruce Garrioch, the incident involved an employee at the Westin Hotel. 

Lee is currently present in Buffalo, along with several other NHL team officials, which are attending the league's annual pre-draft scouting combine, which runs through Saturday. The combine is happening in Buffalo for a third consecutive year. It began Sunday, May 27 and runs through Saturday, three weeks prior to the 2018 NHL Draft, which takes place in Dallas. There are said to be 104 prospects scheduled to participate in this year’s combine, along with several hockey executives present for the event. 

A spokesperson for the Buffalo Police Department has told the Ottawa Sun that Lee was no longer in custody and was scheduled to make an appearance on Friday morning in court. The person didn’t provide any further details of the incident.

For the past 23 seasons, Lee has been a member of the Senators. He has just completed his fourth as assistant general manager. He has been working with GM Pierre Dorion in the Sens' front office. 

Speaking of the team, the Senators have yet to respond to a message seeking comment on the situation with Lee and any update on the arraignment, both coming from the Associated Press and the Ottawa Sun

We are sure the Senators will eventually have to reveal more details on the situation; we will keep you posted! 

Update: According to District Attorney John Flynn, Lee was held in custody because he is a Canadian citizen and is facing a fine. The report is that Lee made a allegdly put his hands on the 19-year-old male employee's shoulders and made a "lewd" remark.