Breaking: Potential names for Seattle franchise revealed!

What do you think of the names?

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We already know that a 32nd team will make its great entrance in the National Hockey League, possibly at the start of the 2020-21 season. 

Following the Vegas Golden Knights' inaugural season, it is expected will be the next city to welcome an NHL franchise. Things are going according to plans, and quite frankly, better than some people first thought as The Complete Hockey News has revealed on Friday that the Oak View Group, who is behind Seattle's pitch to land an NHL team, has reserved 13 domain names to ensure they can have a future webpage and team name. 

These are the potential names for the future Seattle team, and the 32nd team in the NHL: 

Seattle Cougars
Seattle Eagles
Seattle Emeralds
Seattle Evergreens
Seattle Firebirds
Seattle Kraken
Seattle Rainiers
Seattle Renegades
Seattle Sea Lions
Seattle Seals
Seattle Sockeyes
Seattle Totems
Seattle Whales

They even revealed a potential logo the team could wear on their jersey, as the predominant colours green, grey and blue appear to be the direction in which the team is going. 

What is your favorite name? Do you like the potential logo and its colors?