Breaking: Proceed with caution following Karlsson latest trade rumour

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Ever since the Vegas Golden Knights got really close at the February trade deadline, it was believed that Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson would be traded any day... any minute now, right? 

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has sent a warning to NHL fans waiting for a blockbuster trade to take place during a Thursday evening appearance on NHL Network. Speculation has pointed out that Vegas could play hard to land Karlsson to replace Nate Schmidt, who received a 20-game suspension from the National Hockey League on Sunday for violating its policies on performance-enhancing drugs. 

Not so fast, says Friedman, according to Chris Nichols

“I think we have to be careful because I think there have been some times where it looked like it was close and it obviously didn’t happen,” cautioned Friedman. “There were a lot of people who thought that Karlsson was going to Vegas at the deadline and it didn’t happen. Ottawa wanted Cody Glass and Vegas didn’t want to do that. So that was a situation where we were close.
“It looked like potentially we were close - it was reported we were close in early July - we weren’t. I had heard last week that there had been some traction - obviously it hasn’t happened.
“I think the Ottawa Senators have made it very clear they’re willing to make this trade, but not unless they get what they want to get. And until that happens, I think Ottawa is going to sit there and say, ‘We’re going to hold onto the player because we have to get what we want here.’”

NHL insider Darren Dreger was a special guest on Thursday’s edition of Leafs Lunch on Toronto’s TSN 1050 and revealed that one substantial offer was made to land the services of the Senators best player. 

“But I don’t blame Pierre Dorion one bit. I don’t. He’s in a position where he’s got to maximize the return."

Alright, so we will proceed with caution, just like Dorion is doing to get the best return possible it seems. However, when asked if his gut said Karlsson would be starting the season with the Senators in October, Friedman said this: 

“Oh man, I hate these predictions because if I’m wrong, I’m going to get tweeted at... Put it this way: I could see a possibility where he’s traded before the season starts, yes I do.”