Breaking: Rangers' star prospect headbutted by Russian, leaves the ice bloodied

Scary scene in the first game of the World Juniors tournament.

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The World Juniors Hockey Championship kicked off this afternoon with a high-scoring affair between Russia and the Czech Republic.

A scary incident occurred when a Russian player caught New York Rangers' star prospect Filip Chytil with a headbutt to the face - made especially painful considering that it happened with the helmet.

Chytil left a pool of blood flowing from his nose on the ice as he rushed off the ice.

It appeared to be completely accidental, but it was surprising that no penalty was assessed. As TSN's Gord Miller explained, IIHF rules speculate that any hit to the head, regardless of the intention or lack thereof, warrants an automatic penalty.

TSN speculated that he could have suffered a concussion or a broken nose. Fortunately, Rangers fans took a collective sigh of relief when Chytil returned to the bench with his nose stuffed up with cotton.

He'll likely be re-examined at intermission, but the initial belief is that he'll be okay. Still - concussion symptoms don't always present themselves immediately, and they'll have to be thorough in checking for them.

If it's just a broken nose, there's no surprise if he continues to play - hockey players have it in their genes to play through such injuries without a problem.

*UPDATE* He scored the Czech's 4th goal of the game to give the team a 4-2 lead over the Russians. What a warrior.