Breaking: Second overall pick up for grabs!

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The Carolina Hurricanes are expected to be looking to make important changes and shake up their roster after missing the Stanley Cup Playoffs for a ninth straight season. With a new general manager in command, we bet fans across the National Hockey League weren't expecting a shocking twist in this team's rebuild, and were just awaiting for prospects and early promising picks to bring the change to Carolina. 

Well, it seems that new general manager Don Waddell is ready to listen to offers for his second overall pick ahead of the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. 

According to the Ottawa Citizien's Bruce Garrioch, Waddell is open for business with the second overall selection on this year's draft and "has already turned down one offer from an undisclosed team because it wasn’t good enough."

“What we’ve said is we’re really fortunate to have that pick and whichever player we’re going to take there could be a game-changer for us,” Waddell told Postmedia Thursday during a break in meetings at the NHL Combine.

“But, as the general manager of the team, if you want to present something to us, we’ll look at it but I counter that right away by saying it’s going to be hard for us to move that pick.”

Earlier this month, the Hurricanes surely appeared to be unsure about which young player to pick with their second overall selection. Most mock drafts have Barrie Colts sniper Andrei Svechnikov going second overall to Carolina,  but there are some people who believe the Canes should look at either Filip Zadina or Brady Tkachuk. Carolina therefore decided to ask their fans on Twitter on who exactly they should choose... 

Coming in with the 11th best odds at picking first overall in the draft with a 3.0 percent chance, Carolina moved up nine spots to second despite their 3.3 percent chance of doing so. They might be used to go up to the podium for their pick later on in the first round, but you would think they would want to benefit from their luck. 

“We’ve always drafted in that No. 8 to No. 12 range. This year, we go from No. 11 to No. 2 and, hopefully, our team is going in the right direction so we’re not going to be at the bottom picking like this,” Waddell added.

“You get chances to get a star now and then and at No. 2 there’s some players that could be difference-makers for your franchise.”

However, Waddell knows other offers are on the way and it sure seems like the second overall pick is up for grabs... 

“We’ve had what I would say is one formal offer which wasn’t close enough,” Waddell said. “I’ve got teams that I’m meeting with here in the next couple of days that at least want to talk about it."