Breaking: Shaw slashes his own teammate in practice and crosschecks him in the face

Their teammates had to break them up as they started throwing punches.

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Hockey players are famous for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and maybe no one exemplifies that more than Montreal Canadiens forward Andrew Shaw. It's nice to see until things go too far, like it did today at practice.

Shaw and Joe Morrow had an altercation in the middle of the team's skate, with the former chopping at the defenseman's feet before starting a fight.

Alex Galchenyuk was quick to try and break the two up.

Despite the team's 7-5 victory over the Vancouver Canucks, this team has been struggling all season, with several ups and downs putting them in real danger of missing the playoffs in April.

Stress is high in a pressure-cooker like Montreal, and it appears that the players are really starting to feel it.