Breaking: Star defenseman taken out of the game following crushing hit!

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The third round series between the Winnipeg Jets and the Vegas Golden Knights is an intense one! The first game of the Western Conference Finals took place in Winnipeg on Saturday, and while the Jets took an early lead, it does not mean that the Golden Knights were out of it. 

Oh no. 

The Knights still had loads of intensity during the second period, and we are sure Jets star defenseman Tobias Enstrom will agree with this. As the veteran defender was taking a shot from the blue line, he was crushed by a devastating hit from Knights forward James Neal. 

You can see in the video below that the poor Enstrom had no chance once Neal hit him on the side. The defenseman fell hard on the ice, and headed to the dressing room and did not return for the end of the second period. 

According to some reporters on the scene, Enstrom headed to the dressing room and waited a bit in the team tunnel. He was reportedly seen taking a stick from the tunnel, waiting, and putting the stick back to head to the dressing room, most likely to receive treatments. Some of the footage show the defender's head into the ice, and could have been taken to the concussion protocol during the intermission to determine if he will be back for the third period. 

On social media, people were quick to give their opinion on the hit itself, stating that Neal did not make contact with Enstrom's head, but that it did looks illegal because it felt like he left his feet and launched himself into Enstrom.

The 33-year-old missed the entire first round of the postseason against the Minnesota Wild due to an ankle injury. He had been out of the lineup since March 23rd, but was finally able to join his teammates for the second round against the Nashville Predators. 

However, like a true hockey player - especially in the postseason, Enstrom was back on the bench and then on the ice for his first shift of the third period. The defender was quite vulnerable on the play, but it looks like he was not willing to miss the rest of the contest...