Breaking: Subban reveals how he truly feels about his former teammates!

After an intense battle last night in Montreal...

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The Montreal Canadiens fans surely miss the exuberance of P.K. Subban and made sure to let him know how much he was appreciated when the Nashville Predators showed up at the Bell Centre last night, to win 3-2 in a shootout. 

Habs forward Brendan Gallagher and Subban managed to find themselves battling, bad mouthing and pushing each other in corners, and there were some harsh remarks made by both Gallagher and Subban post-game, illuminating the bitterness felt between the two parties after the famous trade of two summers ago.

"I don't know why we're talking about him, that's what he wants. You can let him talk about himself all night. I'm sure he'll give you guys enough lines," Gallagher said post-game.

Subban, in a separate interview said “I didn’t see a smile from him tonight. To be honest with you I just saw the blood dripping down his face after he tried to hit me and fell down.”

However, the animosity might not be as intense behind the scenes. On Sunday night, Subban posted a video on social media on him shaking hands and hugging with goalie Carey Price and forward Alex Galchenyuk. In that same video, you can see former Habs defenseman Alexei Emelin, now with the Preds, chatting with Galchenyuk. 

Subban used the words "Nothing but respect" to talk about his 514crew. 

After all, with Subban, it's always a show.