BREAKING: The Leafs have officially lost another key player tonight

Bad news in Toronto.

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We have bad new for the fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs

The team has officially announced via its Twitter account that Leo Komarov has left the game, and will not return tonight because of a lower-body injury. Here's the tweet:

"Leo Komarov will not return to tonight’s game due to a lower body injury."

We do not have more information about the nature or the severity of the injury. It sure looked like he hurt his left knee, but we have no confirmation from the organization. However, it is fair to say that this is a bad news for the team, considering Nazem Kadri will miss two more games because of a suspension. 

We could read on earlier today that head coach Mike Babcock decided to give Komarov a bigger role for Game Two:

"After falling on their faces in a dispiriting playoff opener against the Boston Bruins, the veteran coach identified Leo Komarov as a potential difference-maker in Game 2. This was not what we expected to hear. But Babcock had already gilded Komarov with a spot alongside Matthews and Nylander as part of the shakeup brought on by Nazem Kadri’s anticipated suspension, and he made it clear that the Finn was tabbed to be more than a passenger on a high-powered jet.
“I think the biggest thing for him is he was competitive last night and we’re trying to get the most competitive people involved as much as we possibly can,” said Babcock."

Chris Johnson added that it may have been a weird decision from Babcock, after all:

"For starters, they’ve each produced better possession numbers apart than together. Komarov is a meat-and-potatoes winger, not particularly fleet of foot, who is coming off a season where his shooting percentage dropped to 6.1 per cent while he scored just seven goals. He’s not a natural fit for the team’s most dangerous marksman."

The 31-year-old forward has not recorded a single point since the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs. He amassed seven goals and 12 assists in 74 games this season.

Boston currently has a 5-2 lead over the Leafs, with just over 11 minutes left in the third period of Game Two.