Breaking: The truth behind the Subban trade finally revealed

Gallagher had some harsh and revealing words about P.K. post-game.

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Drama follows P.K. Subban around wherever he goes, more so than probably any other player in the National Hockey League. The trade that sent him to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Shea Weber only further increased his fame, and perhaps his infamy as well.

There were all sorts of theories as to why Marc Bergevin of the Montreal Canadiens traded away his star defenseman, but no one would speak truthfully about it.

Until Saturday night.

The Predators were in Montreal for the second time since the big trade, and as expected, Subban's homecoming was met with a mix of admiration and vitriol. The crowd was divided, although the media wasn't - the mainstream media made it clear all day with various articles about how much of a blunder that trade was that they all love Subban.

The biggest rumor coming out of Quebec was that Subban was allegedly poison in the locker room - the players did not like him, and were fed up with his antics. No one could deny the positive work P.K. does for the community, but what rubbed the Canadiens the wrong way was just how much Subban made everything about himself, about his brand.

Brendan Gallagher couldn't have made that anymore clear after a night of heated battles against his former teammate. Pay attention to the last quote at the bottom.

Everyone on social media picked up on what Gallagher said, and the underlying meaning of it. The Athletic's Arpon Basu wrote a piece about it following the game, declaring that the air is finally clear - we now know what led to Subban being traded.

Players on the Canadiens team have held their tongue for well over a year, refusing to stoke the fire, but Gallagher clearly had enough. He and Subban were at each other all game. At one point Gallagher charged at P.K., missed, and ended up having to go to the locker room to inspect the injury he sustained.

He came back into the game, made Subban look silly and sniped one home. He was visibly more amped about that goal than any other he scored all year - and he let the Predators' bench have it as he celebrated.

Subban was asked about what it was like seeing Gallagher's ear-to-ear grin all night, and he had some poignant words of his own.

Needless to say, the myth has been debunked.