NHL News : Breaking: Things get nasty between Jets and Trouba as clock is ticking away
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Breaking: Things get nasty between Jets and Trouba as clock is ticking away

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Time is running out for Jacob Trouba and the Winnipeg Jets, and a breaking news reports from NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet on Wednesday is not bringing forth encouraging news. 

With an arbitration date set for Friday in Toronto, the clock is ticking for the two sides to get a deal done before the case is heard, and Friedman has revealed what is getting in the way of both parties: $3 million. 

Arbitration filings for Jacob Trouba have relieved that Jets are at $4M, player at $7M, claims Friedman. 

While for Friedman at the moment, nothing seems unusual in the proceedings, fans across Winnipeg are growing worrisome of the disagreement between both camps. 

However, we can understand the Jets, who have been struggling with a financial puzzle which caused them to lose star player Paul Statsny who was brought into the Jets' roster at the trade deadline. He ended up signing with the Vegas Golden Knights. The Jets are going to be near the ceiling of the salary cap once again this season and have an even tougher cap crunch coming in 2019-20. They will have a lot of their plate as star forward Patrik Laine’s new deal is likely to be massive, captain Blake Wheeler will be looking for a new deal and there will be a significant raise for it as Kyle Connor will be coming out of his entry-level contract.

The Jets had another core piece commit long term last week, as goalie Connor Hellebuyck avoided his arbitration hearing by agreeing to a six-year deal worth $37 million. Quite the puzzle indeed... 

However, it seems impossible to do without Trouba, who averaged just under 22 minutes per game last season. Only Dustin Byfuglien, the highest paid player on the Jets, sees more ice time on a nightly basis. 

Expectations around the league are that a five or six year deal in and around the $5.5 million per season range is reasonable. However, at the moment, both sides have not come close to offering these numbers. Let's hope things don't get nastier and Trouba is insulted by the Jets' offer... 

Should a new deal not be done by Friday, Trouba and the Jets will head into arbitration to present their respective cases. Clock is ticking... 

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