Breaking: Top trade bait is being ignored by his own club!

Enough is enough - time for a trade!

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As I am writing these lines, believe me, I am completely fed up with the situation. And now, I can direct my anger at one specific person: Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin. It is easier to blame the player in many failed trade attempts or signings, in this case, it would be top forward - and now top trade bait - Max Pacioretty. 

However, this breaking news reports from the Journal de Montreal Marc De Foy has revealed that the Canadiens management is acting ridiculously in this unbelievable saga. 

During the draft weekend, the league was almost witness to a major trade involving Pacioretty, which eventually fell through. For a while, it was believed that the Habs top forward was on his way to the Los Angeles Kings, and then, he was back in an awkward spot in Montreal. He traded agents, going from Pat Brisson to Allan Walsh, in hopes of coming to an agreement on an extension with the Habs, but now, it has been said that the Canadiens don't want him back. 

In a stunning report, Marc Antoine Godin of The Athletic revealed that the Canadiens have effectively put an end to their relationship with Pacioretty, claiming the Habs have informed their captain that they have no interest in negotiating a potential contract extension with him. Additionally Godin reports that Bergevin has informed his captain that he intends to trade him as soon as is possible.

Now, De Foy is reporting that Bergevin has ignored Pacioretty for months. 

"It is said that Bergevin makes life particularly hard for players who have difficulty on the ice," De Foy reports, as translated from French. "It goes so far as to say that he makes it a personal affair. He ignored Pacioretty for months last season. Yet he is his captain and one of his team's deans in terms of years of service."

How can Bergevin go about doing this and expect his players to want to sign back with the Canadiens? 

Of course, when we think of saga behind the scenes in Montreal, the names of veteran players like Andrei Markov and P.K. Subban come to mind. Subban was reportedly traded because of a dressing room issue, and Markov approached the Canadiens to return last November and was disrespected by his former club and its GM. 

Is it the beginning of the end for Begervin, who has made a mess of the Habs in the past three seasons? You can bet that this situation with Pacioretty could be the final nail in his coffin...