Breaking: Trotz inks new contract after walking away from Caps!

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On Monday, Stanley Cup winning head coach Barry Trotz resigned from his position with the Washington Capitals effective immediately following unsuccessful contract renegotiations. Trotz reportedly had a clause in his contract that enabled him to sign a two year extension with the team should he win the Stanley Cup. That extension is believed to have come with a $300,000 annual raise, but given how much coach’s contracts have skyrocketed in recent seasons, Trotz believes that his value is greater on the open market and thus, he has resigned him position so that he can explore other opportunities.

It was then reported on Tuesday that Trotz did not waste time and was already on a plane to find his next job. On Monday afternoon, Caps fan Drew F. took a photo with Trotz after the coach deplaned at Newark Liberty International Airport. Beyond the Capitals, the New York Islanders are the only other team in the NHL who do not have a head coach. The speculations took off as many already picture Trotz behind the bench in Brooklyn.

And it seems like they were right. A breaking news report has emerged from Sportsnet's NHL insider Elliotte Friedman stating that the rumour in Dallas, where tomorrow's draft will take place, that Trotz and the New York Islanders have agreed to a five-year contract with an expected annual salary of $4 million. 

As mentioned by Friedman, Lou Lamoriello has yet to confirm the news, but with one of the most credible NHL insiders reporting the news, you know it is happening. 

UPDATE: The Islanders finally confirmed the news later on Thursday afternoon. 

On Tuesday, Trotz also took a direct flight to Seattle from Reagan National Airport. Sure, you'll say there is currently no NHL team in the Seattle area, however, it seems to be just a matter of time. Seattle is still in the “paperwork phase” of getting an NHL franchise as the NHL Governors are meeting today to discuss the league's expansion process. According to NBCSN, the expansion team will likely join the NHL by 2020, setting it two years away from dropping the puck for its first game. Trotz seemed like a perfect fit for the job in Seattle seeing that he was hired to be head coach of the expansion Nashville Predators back in the day.

However, it seems that Trotz could not wait any longer to get behind an NHL bench. 

Now with Trotz in place, we bet the Isles can make one more push to keep John Tavares in the roster...