Breaking: Vegas bandwagon fans face huge issues ahead of Game 1!

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The great thing about the Vegas Golden Knights heading to the Stanley Cup final to face the Washington Capitals is that almost anyone can say they are actively cheering for them. I mean the Knights became the first team in the modern expansion era to win its division, setting regular-season records in both wins and points, and making it to the Stanley Cup finals by a club in its inaugural year - everyone is amazed by that. 

So, since your original favourite team has been eliminated - or worse, didn't even make the postseason - you feel the need to show your support to the Golden Knights and keep telling your friends how great it would be for them to win the ultimate prize in their inaugural season. 

And then you think: why not travel to Vegas for a long weekend around the pool, playing poker and then head to the first game of the Stanley Cup final on Monday night to show the true fan you are. 

Well, be ready to put your money where your mouth is. 

Ticket prices have spiked up higher than ever, and you won't believe how much it could cost you to land a ticket for the first game of the championship. 

According to ESPN senior writer Arash Markazi, who posted the information from StubHub on his Twitter account, the cheapest single ticket to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final in Las Vegas on StubHub (including fees) is over $1,000. 

Of course, this is a price in American dollars, so if you are Canadian and looking for a way to get over the fact that the Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flame and Vancouver Canucks did not clinch a playoff berth to go down and encourage the Golden Knights - you better get your loonies out! 

This is for a single ticket, so this could be encouraging for some. However, you might be the only one willing to pay this much money for a ticket in Vegas. However, if you go out and gamble the previous night, you may win enough money to purchase a few tickets to attend the contest. 

Who knows!

Clearly, Vegas bandwagon fans face this huge issue ahead of Game 1, and the ones that have been there since the start already have their season tickets and are ready for the contest!