Breaking: Voynov’s criminal record dismissed, in negotiations with two NHL teams

The controversial ex NHLer is coming back whether fans want him or not…

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Controversial ex NHLer Slava Voynov was in a U.S. court today to where a judge granted his petition to have his criminal record expunged. Voynov’s record is now dismissed and he’s free to seek employment in either Canada or the United States without any restrictions. In other words: he’s officially coming back to the NHL.

Former Kings defenseman Slava Voynov petitioned Los Angeles County Superior Court to have his 2015 domestic violence charges dismissed today. That petition was granted, a spokesperson for DA’s office confirmed

You may recall that the former Los Angeles Kings blue liner was arrested and found guilty of domestic abuse in 2014 after an altercation with his wife Marta Varlamova. According to the Los Angeles Times, Voynov “choked Varlamova with both hands, repeatedly pushed her to the ground and kicked her five to six times on the ground.”

She was shoved into the corner of a television mounted on a wall and, according to the L.A. Times, told police in a recorded interview: “My blood, all over bedroom and bathroom … and it’s not the first time.”
Voynov was subsequently suspended by the Kings and the NHL and retreated to SKA Saint Petersburg of the KHL, where he has remained the past three four seasons. Now, after paying his debt to society and having his criminal record expunged, he’s seeking a return to the NHL. But where? Which NHL team would be interested in signing a convicted wife beater? Well… the answer may surprise you, but the Montreal Canadiens are reportedly interested in acquiring the 28 year old blue liner.
Confirming MTL has expressed interest for D Slava Voynov. Delicate situation. Has a court date July 2 in California for a pardon. NHL will then take the steps to decide on reinstating him. Or not.

It’s expected that the NHL will now reinstate Voynov, but it’s worth noting that technically the Kings still retain his rights. If he’s going to re-join the NHL, he’ll need to facilitate a trade between his new team and the Kings. Unless, of course he returns to the Kings blue line. All reports indicate that that’s a possibility, as well.

So… what do you think? Would you take this guy on your team? If your team signed him, would you think twice before cheering for him? Delicate situation, to say the least.