Bruins lied to protect Marchand over the weekend?!

Will the NHL step in here? Or will the Bruins get away with it?

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Let's start off with some facts: Brad Marchand is a tremendous goal scorer and one of the Boston Bruins' best forwards, but the numerous controversies surrounding the gritty player have shifted the focus. We tend to forget he scored 39 gaols in 2016-17 and 37 in 2015-16, because he's now mostly known for his questionable hits and the numerous suspensions he was given by the NHL's department of player safety. 

On Saturday night again, Marchand was dead centre in controversy as he clotheslined Chicago Blackhawks' forward Anthony Duclair. As both teams mfaced off again on Sunday, it was quickly reported that the Bruins forward not be punished by the National Hockey League.According to a report from Steve Conroy, of the Boston Herald, the NHL decided against suspending Marchand and reportedly deemed the hit to be an accident:

But the Bruins might have been scared of another justice when it came to Marchand over the weekend. Marchand sat out Sunday's game against the Chicago Blackhawks with an upper-body injury, after his controversial collision with Duclair in the first period of Saturday's game between the teams in Boston.

What if the Bruins tried to protect him for getting hurt as Blackhawks players could have decided it was payback time on Sunday? Some say Marchand was injured as he hit Duclair, but he still managed to finish the contest. Duclair exited and did not return to the game...

On Tuesday, before tonight's game against the Carolina Hurricanes, head coach Bruce Cassidy made a statement concerning Marchand's injury and status for the contest. And of course, many won't be surprised by what he had to say. 

Marchy will be a game time decision...I don’t want to get out in front of it. We hope he’ll play.”

It seems that Marchand will likely be back in the fold and that Tommy Wingels will be a healthy scratch to allow the Bruins' best scorer to return in the lineup. 

Of course you hope he plays, and there is technically no one in Carolina that was badly injured by Marchand and looking to make him pay for having sidelined a teammate. So, it seems like the Bruins might have lied about Marchand's upper-body injury and could have just sat him out to protect him from getting injured, or punched, or whatever the Blackhawks had in mind to make him pay for his actions towards Duclair. 

Clever... but these are not facts just, a brilliant assumption and a good decision by the Bruins.