Bruins lose 3 players and face serious issues coming in the postseason

How will Boston manage this?

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The Boston Bruins' comeback against the Carolina Hurricanes, as they rallied to three fast goals and more to take a 6-4 win over the Hurricanes at PNC Arena, was nothing short of spectacular. However, you need balance in everything and it seems that the case applies to the Bruins as well. In the great comeback and victory came ecstasy, but there was also matters of sadness and worry. 

A Bruins team already missing key players Charlie McAvoy and Patrice Bergeron lost three more players to injury, as Jake DeBrusk, Torey Krug and Zdeno Chara had to leave the ice before the comeback took place in the final 10 minutes of the third period. What's even more worrisome is that head coach Bruce Cassidy said he didn’t have much of an update on the injured trio after the game... 

Hopefully everybody is all right. I don’t have any updates because I just got off [the bench], but we hope it’s nothing serious. But I guess we’ll see,” said Cassidy to the media. “When guys go down other guys want to step up, and that’s the sign of a good team. It’s one thing to want to, and it’s another thing to have the ability to do it."

What we know for that is that Chara fell awkwardly upper body-first into the corner boards midway through the third period. He did stay on the bench for a while, but appeared in too much discomfort to continue and eventually left for the Bruins dressing room never to return in the game. DeBrusk attempt to handle the pain from a hit he took early in the game, but looked like he finally succumbed to it headed into the third period.  

As for Krug... it seems unsure, but like his fallen teammates he did not look to have suffered a lower-body injury. It was also revealed that all three Bruins players underwent X-Rays in PNC Arena following the game.

The Bruins are definitely getting ready for the postseason, and they are set to show that they can overcome any obstacle and challenge in their way. Fans will know more later today on the status of Chara, DeBrusk and Krug as it won't be easy for Boston if they have to enter the playoffs without two top-six forwards (Bergeron and DeBrusk) and three top-four blue liners (Chara, McAvoy, Krug).

But who said winning a Stanley Cup was an easy feat? The Bruins will be ready for it nonetheless, no matter who remains on the sideline...Right?