Bruins' Marchand slammed by coach Cassidy for latest licking incident

Not even his own coach can defend Marchand on this one…

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In case you missed Friday night’s Game 4 matchup between the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning, well… surprise, surprise, you missed Brad Marchand licking an opponent… again.

Midway through the second period of a 2-2 tie, Marchand and Lightning forward Ryan Callahan came together in a scrum… and Marchand licked Callahan. He licked him!

You may recall that Marchand did the same thing to Toronto Maple Leafs forward Leo Komarov last round.

So… yeah. Clearly this is Marchand’s thing now…

The past two days the hockey world has looked on in utter disbelief as Marchand gets away with his licking act once again. At least this time around it looks as if the NHL has issued him, and the rest of the league, a warning.

NHL’s Colin Campbell spoke with Boston’s Brad Marchand and GM Don Sweeney today. The League put the player on notice that his actions last night are unacceptable and similar behavior in the future will be dealt with by way of supplemental discipline.
#nhljets and #preds were warned this morning that licking an opponent may result in a 10-minute misconduct. Rule 75.4 (iii): "Any player who persists in any course of conduct designed to incite an opponent into incurring a penalty." I can't believe this is a thing I am tweeting.

This is what the game has come to hockey fans… thanks for that, Brad.

To be fair, not even Marchand’s own coach was defending his player’s actions from Friday night. 

Bruce Cassidy on Brad Marchand: “Brad has to stop licking. That’s the end of the story.”

Well said. Let’s hope, truly, that this is indeed the end of the story. The Bruins and Lightning face off today at 3pm ET in HUGE Game 5 matchup. Bruins lose and their season is over. And while he may not be everyone’s favorite player, Marchand play is absolutely critical to his team’s success. If he finds himself getting engaged in more antics like this, it won’t look good on the player or the team. The 29 year old winger has one goal and eight points in four games against the Lightning this series and 17 points in 11 playoff games so far this postseason.