Bruins' Nash takes a heavy slap shot to the head!

A scary moment at the TD Garden!

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It seems to be the story of the year for the Boston Bruins: they are dropping like flies. Fortunately for Boston, they had forward Jake DeBrusk back in the lineup Saturday against the Florida Panthers, and he managed to score a goal already in his comeback game. 

However, another Bruins forward had a much tougher time during the contest. And to be perfectly honest, Bruins fans cannot even blame the Panthers for this one. Riley Nash was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. His teammates Torey Krug snapped a long shot for the blue line, in hopes of creating a play closer to Panthers netminder James Reimer, but it ended way worse...

Nash caught the snap shot on the side of his head, and went down afterwards. He remained on the ice for quite a bit and needed a lot of help getting off the ice and down the runway to the room from trainer Don DelNegro.

A very scary moment you can see in the video here below:

Nash was seen leaving the ice, holding on to his right ear. The snap shot came in very close to his temple... 

Let's hope he is okay... 

McQuaid knocks number 1 fighter in the NHL 

The Boston Bruins are looking to regain the lead in the Atlantic division, and sometimes, it might pulling your sleeves up and dropping the gloves. 

Literally. The Bruins are facing the Florida Panthers this afternoon and the intensity of the game was high up, even the first minutes of the game. Boston took a 2-1 lead after the first period, and it seemed to make one particular player unhappy on the Florida bench. A player that you do not want to see get mad. 

Michael Haley came in to today's game with 21 fights on his record this season. However, Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid did not back down from the challenge, when Haley asked him to dance. Both players dropped the gloves and it seemed almost suicidal of McQuaid to accept a fight with the best fighter in the NHL.

At first, McQuaid appeared wobbly on his feet, looking for his balance and trying to direct good punches with power at Haley, who looked in control. But it was only a matter of seconds before the big defender found his footing and drilled many punches at Haley, who couldn't seem to keep up with the right hooks and left uppercuts. 

See for yourselves in the videos here below: 

McQuaid rocked Haley, who fell to the ice, and headed to the penalty box. He ended up having to put some ice on his hand, but I am pretty sure it was worth it. 

The NESN presenters proudly yelled as the fight was over: "McQuaid just took down the number one fighter in the NHL!"

He did indeed... He won - unanimous decision!