Bruins’ owner Jacobs slaps fans in the face… again

Seriously, he has the be THE cheapest man in hockey!

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After two consecutive seasons of ticket price freezes, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs has elected to jack up season ticket prices for the 2018-19 season. According to an official release from he team yesterday afternoon, fans can expect to pay significantly higher prices per game next season.

The average increase is roughly 7% across the board. Bruins blog Stanley Cup of Chowder broke down all the price increases below:

  • Lower bowl center ice - average of $155/game (+$11)
  • Lower bowl between goal line and center ice - average of $130/game (+$9)
  • Lower bowl corners - average of $115/game (+$8)
  • Lower bowl ends - average of $90/game (+$6)
  • Upper bowl center ice - average of $107/game (+$7.5)
  • Upper bowl between goal line and center ice - average of $86/game (+$6)
  • Upper bowl corners - average of $65/game (+$5)
  • Upper bowl ends - average of $44/game (+$3)

Ouch. If these are the prices for season tickets, imagine what the increase is will be for single game tickets? After all, on a per-game basis, season tickets usually end up being discounted over single-game tickets.

According to Forbes magazine, the Bruins already have one of the most expensive ticket prices in the entire NHL. In 2017, the average ticket price for a Bruins game was a staggering $223… so much for hockey being a sport of the working class. Between ticket prices, parking, meals and souvenirs, a team can expect to throw down nearly $1000 just for the privilege of watching some Bruins hockey. Ridiculous.

Really though, we shouldn't be surprised. Jacobs has done nothing over his decades as Bruins owner except establish himself as the cheapest man in all of hockey... perhaps all of professional sports period. As awful as it sounds... Bruins fans are used to this.