Bruins regret deadline trade and prepare shocking move ahead of draft!

A last-minute change of plans in Boston…

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The Bruins were expected to be onlookers at the upcoming National Hockey League Entry draft on June 22nd in Dallas, but it seems like there might be a shocking change of plan for Boston. 

As of now, the Bruins won’t be picking until 57th this year as they traded their first-round pick to the New York Rangers for  Rick Nash. To be honest, the trade was sort of a flop anyway as the veteran forward wasn’t healthy the whole time, recording 11 points in 23 (regular season plus playoff) games, scoring six goals on 80 shots.

It seems that the Bruins and general manager Don Sweeney are now regretting the trade that sent their first round pick in this year’s draft to the Rangers. However, it isn’t too late to get one on the market before next Friday. 

Sweeney has confirmed on Friday to that he is hoping to jump into the first round at the draft. 

“You go through the combine, realize that you have buyer’s remorse because you didn’t win. You traded a first-round pick — and I said to the guys, I really don’t want to be in this position again. You’re going through potentially interviewing kids that you have no chance of drafting. That stinks. And so that’s first and foremost, but as far as our approach, we have to have our list. We have to look at every different scenario. A bunch of years ago [in 2015], we walked into the draft and all of a sudden had extra picks [No. 13, 14, and 15], based on a conversation that ended at 3 a.m. So you just never know what takes place. You have to be prepared. So you prepare the exact same way, and you expect to be drafting there and when you have the opportunity you want to make the best pick possible.”

It sure seems like the Bruins are regretting the Nash trade and will look to move other pieces to land a promising prospect from the first round. However, while defenseman Torey Krug spent part of the season on the trade block, Sweeney confirmed that a transaction involving his star blue liner was unlikely. 

“I’m not actively shopping Torey. People call on a lot of different guys that we have. I have private conversations with each and every general manager, but we value what Torey brings to the table. It’s very difficult to replace a 60-point guy. He’s grown with our organization. He’s grown into a leadership role on and off the ice. He’s a big part of our success. I’d say it’s unlikely.”

Many people expected the Bruins to stick to their veteran players and push forward next season, but now, they might want some help from younger prospects. After all, they had an impressive rookie class last season. 

Boston will remain busy in the coming week if they want some first round action next Friday.