Bruins stuck to make a trade they really don't want to pull!

But, they might have no other choice...

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It does not seem to get better for the Boston Bruins this summer, does it? Where to begin...

Two weeks ago, during the draft weekend, the Bruins were without a first round pick since they had sent it to the New York Rangers in return for veteran forward Rick Nash at the February Trade deadline. It seemed like GM Don Sweeney spent most of his efforts on trying to to acquire Russian superstar Ilya Kovalchuyk. However, Kovalchuk’s agent, J.P. Barry, used Patrick Marleau’s three-year, $18.75 contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs from last summer as a comparable, and the Los Angeles Kings agreed to present him with the same deal on Saturday. The Bruins did not.

Then, the Bruins focused in on John Tavares, hoping to convince the coveted free agent to sign in Boston. Alright, this failed miserably as well; Tavares may a childhood dream come true, signing a massive seven-year deal with the Maple Leafs.

What is now left for the Bruins is not even something they want to do... But, they might have no other choice... Boston could have to trade puck-moving defenseman Torey Krug, even if they really don't want to ship him out. 

According to Fluto Shinzawa of The Athletic, the "reason the Bruins would consider flipping Krug is because of the surplus on defense and the scarcity at right wing. After signing John Moore to a five-year, $13.75 million deal, the Bruins have eight varsity defensemen under contract for next season."

While rookie Charlie McAvoy is not going anywhere, Krug may be the only man capable of bringing an interesting return to Boston, a forward who could fill in behind David Pastrnak. 

"Of the defensemen the Bruins would consider moving (Charlie McAvoy is not going anywhere), Krug would bring the highest return — possibly an experienced right wing with a skill set comparable to Ilya Kovalchuk’s."

However, Krug carries an eight-team “no-trade” list and a $5.25-million annual cap hit, both of which could complicate trade efforts, according to the information provided by Cap Friendly

While the Bruins will be listening in, it will be a tough process for the team. While it might be the only solution, it could be one that cost Boston more than it benefits it...