Canada's Brule ejected from semifinal after landing disgraceful hit to the head

This is the ugliest hit of the tournament!

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Heads up, Canada, this is not going to be a fun article to read. Don't get us wrong, it's about hockey and the Olympic tournament is an exciting one, but as we write these lines, Germany is leading 4-1 over the Canadian players, which seems weird to write. Canada was expected to do much better than this, and one of the players did even worse. 

After the German tallied their fourth goal of the game, Canada's lone-scorer in this matchup, Gilbert Brule, was ejected from the contest for a disgraceful hit to the head of Germany's David Wolf.

Germany's left winger was caught right on the head, and remained on the ice for long minutes as his teammates were seen calling over a stretcher to help him off. Finally, Wolf surprisingly got up on his own, and exited the game with the help of trainers. 

See the horrible hit here: 

It is hard to believe Brule was not frustrated by the Germans' lead - and now, he will be angry for the remainder of the game and of the tournament, as a suspension is expected to come his way after the contest. For now, Canada would be competing tomorrow for the Bronze medal game, against Czech Republic who lost 3-0 against the Olympic Athletes of Russia. They would face, yeah, the Germans in the Gold medal game on Sunday. 

On social media, fans are not only noting the lack of energy from the Canadians, but also shaming Brule for his unnecessary hit on Wolf. And let's just say, fans are not going easy on the incident: 

The good news for Germany, is that - shockingly - Wolf was back on the ice for the third period. 

...How do you feel about the hit?