Canadian team won't tell fan base they're throwing in the towel!

Is this rock bottom?

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There is still some hockey to be played, but there are some teams who already seem to be set for the upcoming Feb. 26 trade deadline. For teams in almost guaranteed playoff contention, it seems easy to look at the market with a buyer's point of view. Some clubs, like the Minnesota Wild and the New York Rangers, have openly admitted to want to wait a little longer to determine if they'll be buying or selling. 

However, it appears that one Canadian team has made up its mind already, but refuses to let its fan base know what will take place at the trade deadline approaches. 

Asked by TSN Radio 690 on Tuesday if the Montreal Canadiens have thrown in the towel to start selling assets at the deadline, NHL insider Darren Dreger revealed that the Habs " aren't obviously going to tell that to the fan base", but they know their season is over. 

"Before you officially become a seller you've got to have a buyer," Dreger explained on air. "And that's not to suggest the Montreal Canadiens don't have wanted assets - of course they do - but I don't get the sense that there are general manager yet that are kicking down the door to see if 'Exhibit A' player is available."

However, Dreger believes that the Canaidnes are not feeling the pressure. This ought to anger some local fans out there. 

"Historically Marc Bergevin has been a pretty methodical and patient GM and you know, the pressure point isn't there yet. And sometimes the buyers can't be defined until they get to a certain point of the regular's getting to that later point of the season, I still think there is some time obviously, with the deadline looming, for that pressure point to elevate."  

Many fans are aware that captain Max Pacioretty, and forwards Alex Galchenyuk, Andrew Shaw and Tomas Plekanec has been mentioned in recent trade chatter. 

On social media, it is quite easy to see that fans do not agree with Bergevin's plan of action. But for now, there is nothing they can do...