Coach Hitchcock made a big deal and it was all a lie!

What was that all about then?

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Dallas Stars starting goalie Ben Bishop will return from an undisclosed injury he suffered on March 5th against the Ottawa Senators at American Airlines Arena, to face the same team tonight. 

Bishop, who left the club’s 3-2 loss to the Senators after the first period after teammate and blue liner Dan Hamhuis fell on him, took part in the club’s morning skate Friday and head coach Ken Hitchcock confirmed afterwards that Dallas’ top goalie is ready to return.

He worked really hard (Thursday) and came through it fine,” said Hitchcock to the media after practice. “He felt good before he went on the ice this morning and we just wanted to be re-assured that he was going to be fine. We tested him in every situation (Thursday) and he was fine.”

Now that's all well and good for the team, but what happened to Hitchcock's new approach on discussing his players' injuries? Back in November, the Stars head coach made a big deal about teams should be specific about players' injuries from now on. 

I think we collectively hate playing the game,” said Hitchcock back them. “What I mean by that is we say upper body, then you go on the phone, and then you look up things or you go to the doctors, find out what part of the upper body … we try to make your work easier, quite frankly.”

There are still many teams that do have interest in keeping the specifics of an injury under wraps, though Hitchcock isn’t buying the notion that opposing players will target one of his own if they know there’s a weak spot.

Nobody thinks like that,” said Hitchcock. “Our feeling is just, tell them what the injury is and move it forward and let’s stop the dance.

So what are you now dancing again Mr. Hitchcock? 

The Stars were up front, sure, when it came to Marc Methot, who will be out of the lineup. He’s out with a hand injury and will miss the opportunity to make his homecoming against the Senators. Some reporters and Stars beat writers hinted at the possibility of a knee injury for the starting goalie, but the news was never confirmed by the club, and the injury remains listed as undisclosed for Bishop. 

According to the NHL's media regulations: "When an injury occurs in a regular season game, a Club spokesperson must notify the media of the approximate location, nature, and severity of the injury as soon as possible, except to the extent that the Club determines that such disclosure may jeopardize the Player's physical well-being if and when the Player returns to play, in which case the Club is entitled to provide a more general overview of the Player's injury status."

Is Hitchcock afraid opposite players will target Bishop's injury? 

So, let's say it again coach, let's stop the dance!