Coach Sullivan talks about getting “retribution” on Caps’ Wilson

The gauntlet has been laid down by the Pens’ bench boss.

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Earlier this morning Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan met with reporters ahead of tonight’s pivotal Game 3 matchup between the Penguins and Metro Division rival Washington Capitals at PPG Arena in Pittsburgh.

While Sullivan received the usual questions regarding his team’s lineup, specifically the health of injured superstar Evgeni Malkin, defenseman Brian Dumoulin and forward Carl Hagelin (all game time decisions), Sullivan was also asked about Capitals forward Tom Wilson and the team’s plan for exacting retribution on Wilson for injuring Dumoulin.

The exact question Sullivan received was, “Mike we hear from a lot of fans that want to see Tom Wilson run tonight. How do you handle that situation today? As far as any retribution or anything towards Wilson?”

Wow… talk about a loaded question. To his credit, Sullivan wasn’t taking the bait. His reply was nearly a perfect deflection of controversy.

“Uh… we’re just going to play the game. Our number one focus is to win the hockey game. We’re looking at one game, we’re going to try to blame the game that gives us the best chance to win.”

In other words: Nice try.

For what it’s worth, Dumoulin did confirm that he does in fact have a concussion following Sunday’s head shot from Wilson.

Dumoulin said he’s just taking the appropriate steps. “You don’t want to rush concussions.” -SK

In case you missed it, early in the second period of Sunday’s afternoon’s Game 2 matchup Dumoulin was rattled by Capitals forwards Alex Ovechkin and Wilson, the result of a BRUTAL sandwich style head shot deep in the Pens zone.

As he was breaking the puck out from behind his own net, Dumoulin makes a  quick pass up ice and then stops up when he sees Ovechkin in his trolley tracks. While Dumoulin avoids getting absolutely trucked by Ovechkin, Wilson follows through with his shoulder to the back and side of Dumoulin’s head.

Here’s the play in question:

Surprisingly, NHL Player Safety announced yesterday that it would NOT have a hearing for Wilson and that the Caps pugilist will not face any supplemental discipline for his part in Dumoulin’s injury.