Columbus rookie has some strong words to say about Sidney Crosby.

The bad blood between these teams is intense.

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The bad blood between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Columbus Blue Jackets has resulted in some of the most intense stuff we currently have in the National Hockey League.

The Jackets faced off against the Penguins on Thursday night and once again the bad blood between the two sides boiled over, with multiple fights and a whole lot of phsyicality taking place in that contest.

For Blue Jackets rookie Pierre-Luc Dubois it was his first time facing the Penguins in the regular season, and on Friday he was asked about how it felt to play against Penguins captain Sidney Crosby. Despite the fact that Crosby is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world, Dubois did not sound impressed.

"He's a good player in this league, but there's a lot of good players in this league."

While it may sound like a knock against Crosby, and to be fair given how these teams feel about each other it probably is, Dubois made it clear that it would be the same way for any other player.

"I'm not going to treat anybody differently."