Contract demands from Leafs forward could force a trade.

Leafs may be out of options.

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One of the most intriguing storylines surrounding the Toronto Maple Leafs this season has been the upcoming decision for both the Leafs organization and forward James van Riemsdyk about their respective futures.

While last season it seemed almost certain that van Riemsdyk would eventually be traded by the Leafs, rumors this season have suggested the possibility of van Riemsdyk taking a hometown discount to remain within the organization. Those rumors however may have been unfounded. 

In a recent radio interview TSN insider Darren Dreger revealed that van Riemsdyk would prefer an offer in the range of 6 years at $6 million per season, and that may put him outside of the Maple Leafs price range. 

On Monday night during an intermission segment on TSN, insider Bob McKenzie revealed that he believes veteran forward Patrick Marleau got van Riemsdyk's money when he signed with the Maple Leafs in the summer. McKenzie also stated that he felt it would require van Riemsdyk to take a hometown discount in order for him to remain a Leaf. 

A $36 million dollar contract likely doesn't fit that bill and that could mean the Leafs will eventually feel the need to pull the trigger on a deal fore van Riemsdyk rather than lose him for nothing. 

However with that being said, Bob McKenzie also stated that he believes the Leafs could hold onto van Riemsdyk to maximize their chance of doing damage in the playoffs, and would view him as somewhat of an internal rental if they did in fact go in that direction.

Either way it seems that can Riemsdyk's time in Toronto may be up.