Controversial head coach to return to the NHL?!

It would be so entertaining to see back behind a bench!

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You have to admit that Colombus Blue Jackets head coach John Tortorella has quieted down over the past few years. We don't have Patrick Roy anymore to see get a face full of fifty shades of red behind the bench to entertain us... Sometimes, one fiery coach will get frustrated at his team's bench, but it also seems like most National Hockey League fans miss a controversial coach.

Well, good news, one might be close to making a return in the NHL. The colorful Bob Hartley is expected to make a comeback to the league. The man himself revealed the shocking information as he was on the air of Montreal's 91.9 Sports with host Jean-Charles Lajoie. 

The fiery head coach was forced into exile overseas to find work after being fired by the Calgary Flames despite winning a short time before the Jack Adams Trophy, awarded to the NHL head coach of the year.

When Lajoie asked him about his future and the possibility of a return to the NHL, Hartley did not run away and answered the question: 

"The phone is ringing, Big JC, and we're talking, but I will repeat what I am been saying over the past couple of months; my situation is no longer the same as Steve, Dominique Ducharme or Joel Bouchard. I have been all over the NHL and now I look for new challenges. You know what my criteria are: I look for good people and a situation where I see myself enjoying the work. I am at a stage in my life where I can be very selective. I am having fun in Latvia, and I love it. It's like going to the circus every time I step in the rink. In Latvia, they let me coach - a situation that is becoming more and more difficult in the NHL. We hear that coaches get the final lineup just two hours before the game, from management, and then these are the guys you have to play and dealing with these things, it's not something I want in my career anymore. I want to work as a team, but if I am entrusted with the coaching job, I want to coach. If somebody else wants to coach for me, that team does not need to call me. That is where I am at in my career, and I live very well with it. Currently, I'm chatting with a team and I should be getting ready to make a decision. I was offered the job but now I have to make the final call: do I take it or leave it?

Where will Hartley make his big NHL return? Or will he choose to stay in Latvia where he can coach as he pleases?!