Detailed allegations in Karlsson vs Hoffman/Caryk court case made public

Oh man… this is ugly! WTF were the Sens doing in all of this!?

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Melinda Karlsson, wife of Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson, and Monika Caryk, fiancee of former Senators forward Mike Hoffman, will meet in front of an Ontario judge tomorrow afternoon to determine… well to determine just what the Hell is really going on. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock this NHL offseason, Hoffman was shipped out by the Sens after news emerged that Caryk was served with a peace order (Canadian legal equivalent to a restraining order) by Karlsson for harassment and cyberbullying. Melinda maintains that Caryk personally harassed her online and in person following the stillborn birth of her deceased baby boy. The two will meet in front of a judge on Friday as Caryk seeks out a Norwich order, which essentially is a legal provision that would force Karlsson to “… disclose and provide any and all information and knowledge that is in any way relevant to the allegations.” In other words, Caryk and her legal team are gathering information from Karlsson regarding the allegations against her.

There’s bound to be a lot of dirty laundry aired on Friday afternoon… but thanks to some digging by former lawyer and NHL analyst Tyler Dellow of The Athletic, there are some important details that we already know.

Check it out:

  1. On or about March 19, 2018, Ms. Caryk learned that she was being accused of harassing and/or cyberbullying Ms. Karlsson. Ms. Caryk denies having done this. She views Ms. Karlsson’s statement (although it’s not clear, presumably this refers to Ms. Karlsson’s sworn statement in support of the peace bond that Ms. Caryk had posted thousands of times about her) as meaning that Ms. Karlsson has information indicating that Ms. Caryk was responsible for the cyberbullying.
  2. She believes that Ms. Karlsson honestly holds the view that Ms. Caryk was harassing and cyberbulling her.
  3. Ms. Caryk claims she didn’t engage in harassment and cyberbullying and as she believes Ms. Karlsson honestly holds that view, Ms. Karlsson must have information suggesting that Ms. Caryk has engaged in this behaviour. Ms. Caryk would like to clear her name and identify the real perpetrators and she requires that information to do so.
  4. Ms. Caryk believes that she has a /bona fide/action against the perpetrators.
  5. After the Karlssons’ child was stillborn, Ms. Caryk suggested to Danielle Ryan that the Senators’ wives send flowers to Ms. Karlsson as a gesture of sympathy. Within a day or two, she received emails from the wives of NHL players or former NHL players, telling her to stay out of it and suggesting that she had engaged in harassment and cyberbullying.
  6. In an effort to understand why she was being accused of this, she visited a website that provides a forum for discussion of the wives and girlfriends of NHL players. When she visited the site, she saw a number of harmful posts about Ms. Karlsson. Ms. Caryk was also of the view that the posts were harmful to her and her reputation, as she was was accused of having posted them. She contacted Randy Morin, who owns the site. Mr. Morin declined her request to take them down.
  7. On June 12, 2018, the Ottawa Citizen reported that Ms. Karlsson had sworn an application for a peace bond against Ms. Caryk on May 4, 2018. The following day, she learned that this was true by way of an article on In her application for a peace bond, Ms. Karlsson swore that “Monika Caryk has uttered numerous statements wishing my unborn child dead. She also uttered that she wished I was dead and that someone should ‘take out’ my husband’s legs to ‘end his career.’ Monika Caryk has posted over 1000 negative and derogatory comments about me as a professional.”
  8. Ms. Caryk denies that any of Ms. Karlsson’s sworn statement is true but accepts that Ms. Karlsson honestly believed those statements.
  9. Ms. Caryk was never served with the application for the peace bond.
  10. The Ottawa Senators claimed that they were investigating the matter but no investigation occurred.
  11. Mr. Karlsson was asked by Mr. Hoffman to provide him with basis for the allegation that Ms. Caryk was harassing and cyberbullying her. He declined to provide that information. Counsel for Ms. Caryk asked counsel for Ms. Karlsson to provide that information. He declined.

Wow… that’s a lot of information to parse through. The biggest thing that sticks out? It sounds like Caryk was truly blindsided by these allegations and she’s now scrambling to figure out just where they’re coming from, hence the Norwich order. 

Another thing that sticks out, what the Hell was the Senators organization doing while all this transpired!? Caryk claims that while the team said they would investigate, that no investigation ever took place. Not a good look for a franchise that’s already on thin ice with its fans as it is. 

Some quotes from a report released earlier this week in The Ottawa Citizen:

During the Aug. 8 deposition, Caryk denied hating the captain’s wife and threatened to leave the room if Karlsson’s lawyer continued aggressively questioning her. At one point, Caryk burst into tears, the factum says.
Caryk says, during the deposition, that she and Karlsson began as friends and then “just became civil,” but says Karlsson was never outwardly hostile toward her.
“So why would you say to people that (Melinda) hates you?” Karlsson’s lawyer asked Caryk.
Caryk told the lawyer that “it sounds so stupid” but Karlsson had stopped liking her posts on Facebook and Instagram, and that Caryk was “left out from dinners” for wives and partners that Karlsson organized.
“Just there’s a chain of events that just leads you to believe certain things. Never once was it said, but that’s what it led me to believe.”
Camille Pageau, wife of Senator J.G. Pageau, sent Caryk a series of texts that evening saying she was “so upset” and “disturbed by all this.”
“You hate Melinda and I don’t understand why you would want to do anything for her! In time (sic) like this being a hypocrite is even worst (sic)! Stay out of this.”

In any case, hopefully both sides will be able to resolve this matter in short order and we can go back to following these two star players on the ice, rather than in the courtroom.