Devastating demotion for Habs' Pacioretty!

What does it mean for the trade market?

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Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty might have brushed off trade rumors at the beginning of the month, but this new report might be a little harder to forget about. 

Talking to TSN Radio 690 Montreal on Thursday morning, NHL Insider Darren Dreger says that while the top forward has been racking up points since the recent Holiday break, things don't look as good on the trade market for the 29-year-old. 

And that despite the impressive four-game goal scoring streak going into Wednesday's game in Boston! 

"Now we can see he's capable of scoring goals again, so there's a bonus in all that," Dreger explained. "When you look at his history and see four seasons of 30 or more goals, that's what you're buying. You're buying on the expectation and hope he returns to form and now there's some recent evidence that it appears he's headed in that direction. But I look at Max Pacioretty - fairly or unfairly - as a support player. And I think any contending team that's keenly interested in trading for him is looking for him in the same light.

"And that's not a slight on Max Pacioretty, it's just 'where would he fit in' that makes the most sense. And if he - every single night - doesn't have to be the best player on the team, but he can slide onto the wing on that first or second line and support better players than what he is, that's a pretty good spot for Max Pacioretty and the team that's acquired him. But this isn't going to be an easy move and obviously it's not going to be an easy fix for the Montreal Canadiens."   

This is not only what Pacioretty, who would most likely enjoy the change of scenery, doesn't want to hear, but also what Habs general manager Marc Bergevin won't be happy about. 

Before the Dreger's comments were made, many people expected, like Bergevin, that Pacioretty would get a hefty return on the market. See what we could read on Sportsnet just yesterday: 

"Seeing the massive haul the Colorado Avalanche pulled in for Matt Duchene, the Canadiens, if they choose to move Pacioretty, should be looking at a package that has significantly more value."

Now, we doubt that rival teams, who also see the possibility of using Pacioretty as a support player, would offer a huge return for the veteran forward. What do you think Pacioretty is worth on the market?