Domingue fires back at Phoenix reporter!

He clearly has moved on...

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On Wednesday, young Tampa Bay Lightning netminder Louis Domingue came out with a story that sent shockwaves all the way back to Arizona, when he revealed how his relationship with the Coyotes got strained before the trade. 

On November 18, Domingue was moved to the Bolts, and was thrilled about it, because his future with the Coyotes was going nowhere. Actually, if it was to go anywhere, it was more likely going to be in Europe or maybe to the Olympics. During a Lightning podcast, Domingue revealed that the team placed him on waivers, and when he was not claimed, he was sent down to the farm club. 

However, Domingue refused to go, being the fourth-string goalie there and was looking at another way to keep training to make his way back to the NHL club. 

They wanted to keep me at home while they were trying to deal me somewhere, or trying to find me a spot,” Domingue told Matt Sammon and Brian Engblom on the Lightning Power Play Podcast.

For a good week and a half, I was left without ice or a gym or any support from the team. I was just home waiting for a call. And they told me to rent my own ice. And I was there – I gave a call to my old friend Shane Doan and he came out with me on the ice in the afternoon with his son.

“I rented the ice at midnight just to shoot pucks and skate around because I was tired of being at home.”

The story finally had a happy ending when Domingue was moved to Tampa, but some folks back in Arizona are not happy with how the netminder portrayed the team's actions. Craig Morgan of AZCentral is one of them and made that clear on social media with an important precision: 

Domingue fired back at the reporter, also noting he wanted to move on and explaining it is the reason why he did the Podcast. 

Whose side are you on here? Should Domingue move on by keeping quiet or should the Arizona media let him be, now with the best team in the NHL?