Don Cherry denies climate change, calls out “left wing pinko cuckaloos”

Grapes was fired up on Saturday! But, did he cross a line this time?

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Viewers who tuned into CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada broadcast on Saturday evenings are used to hearing controversial opinions from legendary broadcast Don Cherry during his Coach’s Corner segment. But Cherry’s comments regarding global climate change this past weekend crossed the line for a lot of hockey fans.

Appearing alongside his usual co-host Ron McLean, Cherry sported a kaleidoscope suit jacket while he railed against what he called “left wing pinko cuckaloos” who believe in global climate change.

“Six more weeks of cool weather. Now, I’d like to ask you with your left-wing pinko friends, what about the warming trend? Now where has that gone now? You know all about that.” MacLean responds “You really want to get into that?” Cherry says “I’m just asking where the cuckaloos are who say there’s a warming trend. We’re freezing to death!” MacLean then says “We’re not totally cuckaloos, if you look at some of the things going on in our world, but I will admit it’s nice to have a real winter.”

For the video of Saturday's Coach's Corner segment, click below:

Cherry’s controversial comments did not go over well on social media, where hundreds of fans have voiced their displeasure over the legendary broadcaster’s ignorant words.

Things got so bad that CBC had to issue a statement distancing themselves from Cherry and urging viewers to file a complaint with Cherry's employer, Rogers, regarding the situation:

This isn't the first time Cherry has faced political backlash, of course. Not by a long-shot. The 84-year-old has a flair the dramatic and knows just how to stoke the political fires of the hockey world. We doubt this is the last time he manages to offend a large group of people with his political opinions.