Don Cherry makes yet another controversial declaration

Grapes has no filter.

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Don Cherry, or "Grapes", took to the microphone for his weekly rant on Hockey Night in Canada and made a statement that had social media buzzing.

As most of us know by now, Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk spoke to the media this weekend about how he could foreseeably move his team out of Ottawa if attendance doesn't get any better.

They're selling 13,000-14,000 tickets lately, and couldn't even sell out a conference finals playoff game last season. Melnyk tries to minimize what he said by saying that he has no plans of doing anything like that, but the damage was already done - he clearly pointed to relocation as a solution to his team's financial struggles.

Don Cherry fully agreed with the statement and went further. Here's the condensed quote without all the stuttering.

"I don't blame him at all. He cannot survive with 13,000 people. It's too far out, Kanata. You don't sell out in the playoffs, you'll never sellout. He's gone, Ottawa's gone for sure. I don't know where... Quebec would be nice."

At the end of the segment he returns to this thought.

"They will leave. They will be gone."

Quite the ominous statement from Cherry. He's known for his dramatic declarations, but he isn't off the mark here. Barring a new arena deal in downtown Ottawa, this team could be gone, and soon.