Don Cherry RIPS Leafs and Jets for unsportsmanlike play

Grapes is fired up! Smarten up, Canada!

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In case you missed last night’s Coach’s Corner segment during CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, legendary Canadian broadcaster Don Cherry went off on both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Winnipeg Jets for what he perceived to be unsportsmanlike play.

During the first intermission between last night’s game between the Leafs and the Boston Bruins, Cherry railed against the Leafs for “getting the Bruins going” after a “dopey start” from the Bruins. The instigator? A snow job from Leafs rookie Kasperi Kapanen.

Check it out:

It was this play that Grapes maintains fired up a Bruins team that was off to a slow start. Following that the Bruins absolutely dismantled the Leafs en route to a 7-3 victory.

“This got ‘em going. STUPID in the Playoffs! You don’t do stuff like that in the Playoffs because you get ‘em goin’!”

Grapes also made it clear that he’s no fan of Kapanen getting a promotion to the Leafs’ top line alongside Auston Matthews and Patrick Marleau over Zach Hyman.

“This is the second best line in hockey. [Hyman] was the best player last game, never mind Toronto. He gets pulled off the first line and gets on the second line. Figure that one out!? He’s the best player, he got the only goal and they put [Kapanen] on there! Anyhow, he’s the best player and he gets pulled off the line and it doesn’t make any sense to me!”

Tell us how you really feel, Grapes!

Moving on now to the Winnipeg Jets, Canada’s other Stanley Cup hope this postseason. Cherry ripped the Jets for going after the Minnesota Wild in the dying seconds of Friday’s huge 4-1 victory. In case you missed it, all Hell  broke loose between the two teams in the final moments of the game, producing four fighting majors, four misconducts and a whole host of minor penalties. 

Check it out:

So, what does Grapes think? Well, like with the Leafs and Bruins, Cherry feels that the Jets may have inadvertently “poked the bear.”

“Minny was all set to go to sleep and fold the tents up and THEY got the team stirred up. Bruce Boudreau is the happiest guy in the world to see this, because now he’s got something for them to work from."
“They were up 4-0 and they got a little too giddy because they were winning. They’ll win, they’ll still win but they just made it harder on themselves.”

For the full Coach's Corner segment, click the video below: