Eichel sides with fanbase and slams his own team

He does it again... m

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Buffalo Sabres fans have been quite patient. Their 2017-18 performance fell well short of even the low expectations for improvement... and it was all supposed to be different with star player Jack Eichel's new contract and his desire to lead the team to greater things. The Sabres had just 16 points at the end of November and never recovered and are now set to finish with the worst home mark in the league...

So Sabres fans, we get you. We get the anger, the disappointed and the desire to drive up to Toronto and root for the Maple Leafs - we all get it. And it appears that we are not the only ones. 

While Eichel is clearly committed to bringing success to the Sabres after signing a massive eight-year $80-million extension with Buffalo, he has never hidden his own displeasure with losing, and not playing up to the standards of the league, and of what the fans expect them to accomplish. Throughout the season, the fanbase started showing its displeasure with the team’s performance through its attendance to games. Eichel doesn’t blame the fans though. Like us, he completely gets where they are coming from.

“I think they have a reason to be negative, what have we really put on the ice as a product for them this year? We don’t score goals, we really haven’t made coming to the game worthwhile, so can you blame them? No you can’t."

His comments were made prior to the Sabres' 3-0 loss to the Montreal Canadiens on Friday night. We are pretty sure the star forward would have even harshest things to say now... he probably cannot wait for the season to be over, though he did come back from his ankle injury in time to finish the regular calendar alongside his teammates. There was even an apparent controversy surrounding Eichel’s return to the ice, but so far, we cannot blame the Sabres management from wanting to add a little excitement to this dreadful season. 

The Sabres have the lowest goals for total in the entire NHL. Fans should now get excited about the fact that Sabres have now the best shot in the league at coveted projected first round pick Rasmus Dahlin.

If Buffalo can pick Dahlin, fans will be over the moon to see the young defenseman and Eichel on the ice at the same time. We bet Eichel will have a different speech for the fanbase then.