Fan absolutely slams Bob McKenzie, tells him to get his head out of his “Eastern ass“

Who dares disrespect he Bobfather?!

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TSN's Bob McKenzie is the most respected hockey reporter today, and has been for many years. It's very rare that anyone has something negative to say about him.

On this week's edition of his "Bobcast", he read a question submitted by one Christine Johnson, a scathing commentary on TSN's reporting of Canadian hockey.

"Why don't you focus on the Canadian teams other than the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Ottawa Senators, the Montreal Canadiens, and Edmonton Oilers. This morning, I was hoping to see highlights from the (Winnipeg) Jets game only to hear a long-winded piece on Carey Price. Price's presumed comeback. Good grief. The Jets are one of the hottest teams in the market beating the Minnesota Wild 7 to 2. I had to Google to get this information. And not a peep. With the exception of Edmonton, it's time to get your heads out of your collective Eastern asses and report real hockey news."

Well Christine, tell us how you really feel!

McKenzie shares Christine's pain, and admits that part of the issue is that these markets are the most profitable for TSN. TSN is officially "The Sports Network", but most people know it as "Toronto's Sports Network" due to the emphasis on Leafs news. How news is presented now is based on what's most popular and gets the best ratings. It may not even be hockey - it could be any sport or athlete that's trending. Unfortunately, this affects coverage of smaller markets like the Jets, or any other team that isn't as popular.

Christine isn't entirely wrong, and McKenzie understands where she's coming from, but for Pete's sake, don't disrespect the Bobfather!