Fans in Montreal furious after brutal call by the NHL officials.

That is just a terrible call.

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Fans in Montreal are livid about this call and it's hard to blame them given the circumstances.

During the Friday night match up between the Montreal Canadiens and the Calgary Flames, Habs veteran forward Andrew Shaw was called for a penalty when he appeared to collide with Flames goaltender Mike Smith behind the net. 

Except Shaw never touched Smith, and in fact you could argue that Shaw was nowhere close enough to Smith for anyone to possibly think that he had in fact made contact with the Flames netminder. Instead it appears that Smith fell all on his own, and in fact may have even been trying to lay a hit into Shaw himself. 

This was obviously a call made due to Shaw's long standing reputation in the National Hockey League, but it's hard to blame Habs fans for being hot about this one.