Father has emotional reaction when his son tells him he made the Olympic team!

What a moment.

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No matter how old you get you always remain your parents child.

While the National Hockey League's decision regarding the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Korea has created a great deal of anger among both players in the NHL as well as the fans of those players, it has also opened the door to a great opportunity for many players as well.

On Monday one of those players, 30-year-old former National Hockey League forward Bobby Butler, got the chance to tell his dad that he had made the roster for Team USA. 

The joy on the face of Butler's father said it all immediately and he rushed to embrace his son in a beautiful moment of pure happiness for both men, so much so that they embraced a second time after separating. 

While I'm one of those fans frustrated about the lack of NHL players at the Olympics, if it creates more moments like this I may end up celebrating the NHL's decision.