Flames goalie gets run over, huge brawl ensues with several fist fights starting up

Here's some old time hockey for you!

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One thing that most hockey players will never let stand, is when the opposing team runs over their goalie. It'll often lead to a scrum - but when it happens between two bitter rivals, you can expect tempers to flare, and for gloves to be dropped.

Exactly this happened on Saturday night when Calgary Flames goaltender Mike Smith was taken out by an incoming Anaheim Ducks skater behind the net.

The brawl that ensued was one of the best of the year in the NHL, if you're into that kind of thing. Odds are, if you're reading this - you love this stuff.

The fight in the left corner was excellent in its own right, but check out Sam Bennett and Josh Manson have an absolutely epic tilt on the right of the screen. Manson is one tough customer, and it was somewhat surprising to see how well Bennett stood up for himself in the fight.

Bennett seemed to call the fight off by the end, seeing no point in continuing. Not seen in this clip is the referee escorting Bennett to the box giving him a few taps to the chest for a job well done.


The Edmonton Oilers lost yet another game by at least 4 goals, suffering at the hands of the Dallas Stars on Saturday night.

Wayne Gretzky probably wishes he skipped this one.

The Boston Bruins absolutely had their way with the Carolina Hurricanes, winning 7-1. Patrice Bergeron had a lot to do with that.

The Colorado Avalanche had their way with the Minnesota Wild, winning their 5th straight game by a score of 7 to 2. Something pretty crazy happened in the win.

And let's not forget the Ottawa Senators, who managed to dethrone the league's most feared team in the Tampa Bay Lightning, winning 6-3. Jon Cooper was not happy about the loss, at all.