Fleury appears on 'Pawn Stars' reality show!

He is a natural!

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National Hockey League fans, most importantly Vegas Golden Knights and Pittsburgh Penguins ones, got to see a special guest appearance of star goalie Marc-Andre Fleury on the reality show "Pawn Stars" on Monday night. 

In the episode "Blades of Deal," a customer brought in an item to the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, where the series is filmed, claiming it was Fleury's first Vegas Golden Knights jersey. To ensure the authenticity of the jersey, one of the owners of the shop Rick Harrison, and one of his employees, Austin "Chumlee" Russell took the customer to the Golden Knights' practice rink, where they met up with Flower. 

Fleury was needed to verify a Golden Knights jersey that was reportedly Fleury’s first uniform that he threw on following the Golden Knights selection from the Penguins in the NHL’s Expansion Draft at the NHL Awards last June. The netminder looked closely at the jersey and recognized it as the one he wore at the expansion draft in 2017. Therefore his first Vegas jersey ever. 

"It's got my signature," Fleury said as he flipped the jersey over. "It's the jersey I wore throughout the day. It's got my initial on the fighting strap."

You can see the part of the episode where Flower makes his special guest appearance in the video below: 

Fleury won three championships with the Penguins in 13 years before he was drafted by the Golden Knights in this season's expansion draft. Pittsburgh did not want to see him go, but since every team could only protect one goalie, the Pens made a difficult decision, protecting Matt Murray instead and having to part with one of the most loved players in Pittsburgh. 

"It was my home for so long," Fleury told reporters, via USA Today when he returned to Pittsburgh for the first time this season. "I met a lot of people over the years who were great to me. It was a fun time." 

Now, Fleury is putting up great numbers with his new team, and setting up records in their first season. 

We bet the crew from "Pawn Stars" will be getting more and more Golden Knights memorabilia, especially following what now looks to be one of the greatest and most historic inaugural seasons in the NHL.