Fleury gets called out live on air for his wet willy on Wheeler and has the best response for it!

You gotta love the quirky netminder!

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We couldn't believe it, but it seems like some people want to go back to the  third game of the Western Conference Finals between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Winnipeg Jets, and still talk about goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury tickling the ear of Jets captain Blake Wheeler during a scrum close to his net. 

After Fleury had made one of his many saves on the evening during the second period of the contest, a scum took place close by his net. While the other players were pushing, shoving, and likely yelling obscenities, Fleury pulled the glove off of his left hand and then he reached over behind the head of Wheeler and appeared to tickle his ear. 

While on the air on NHL podcast Spittin' Chiclets, Fleury was called out by the hosts who told him he missed out on supplemental discipline from the league, seeing that the Jets contacted player safety for what the hosts called "a gutless wet willy."

Fleury couldn't believe that they would be so tough on him and had the best explanation and reply for their remarks. 

-"Do you want to touch on that?" asked the host. 

-"I did touch on that," Fleury snapped back laughing. 

"I don't know, this is stupid. There was just a scramble, and I took my glove off to get some water and he was just there. Sometimes I do stuff just to keep me entertained and smile during the game. And that was one of them, I guess," Fleury answered with a grin. 

"It's a vicious circle though, not to lose you play good, but you play good, you still lose."

The NHL podcast is not the only media who questioned the move by Fleury. After the game, the Sportsnet panel reconvene to analyze the performances of both teams, and NHL insider Nick Kypreos dared to call out Fleury and compare his antics to the one that market the second round when Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand licked Tampa Bay Ligtning’s Ryan Callahan’s face. 

In that case, the league has to intervene when it was announced that NHL’s Colin Campbell had spoken with Marchand and Bruins GM Don Sweeney, and that the League put the player on notice that his actions were unacceptable and that similar behavior in the future will be dealt with by way of supplemental discipline.

“What’s the difference between that and a lick? Saliva is saliva,” he said assuming Fleury had pulled a wet Willie on Wheeler. 

The rest of the panel could not believe what he was saying, which quickly prompted Kypreos to laugh it off and changed the subject. He could know give the Spittin' Chiclets a call to talk some more about it...